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Introducing Ensemble
The social capital initiative promoting zero hunger in societies.

Ensemble promotes food security policies by means of communities empowerment through technology

Ensemble is
Help people anywhere, from home or
street by using our  apps
Help people in real time. Forget
longtime donation process
Be sure where your  help goes

Help people  to solve the needs that they really have

Never before it was so easy help others 
Ensemble  enables  citizens experimenting economic difficulties to be helped by others, allowing helpers to be sure of donations going to reliable situations. 

Helpers contribute as active or occasional donators

Ensemble promotes in-kind donations for all those people experimenting economic difficulties.Donations can be:
Virtual Cash
It is used to be redeemed for  food,  medicine or for paying  basic needs such as transportation.
Any kind of consumable food can be donate to people experimenting food shortage.

Ensemble is more than a donator tool (App) 
It is a program promoting food security policies, aligned into a global social capital initiative
A social capital initiative
relying on the sharing economy concept making a social practical impact on communities.
Ensemble guarantees reliability
Ensemble is supported by high quality and trending technology for guarantee the efficiency and transparency of donations

Social-security Support

Ensemble is projected to be the first regional CE* initiative for assisting social security policies through self-sustaining practices.
Our initiative works with the same philosophy of international social security programs but being supported by community
Community Empowerment Organization

Our financial operations rely on Paygo®

A initiative bringing an immersive and inclusive way of providing financial services in society
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Official Ensemble project presentation
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