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Introducing AgenceMe
The new way of  managing real estate in the data era

AgenceMe project is coming soon (27-05-2019)
Please stay tuned

AgenceMe is
We offer 99.9 % of trustability of your digital real estate operations
Improve performance on your money and legal operations
Cover 100 % of the operational and legal lifecycle of real estate
Save time by making online 90 % related-activities

A legal services innitiative
Never before it was so easy, cheap and trustworthy 
Ensemble  enables  citizens experimenting economic difficulties to be helped by others, allowing helpers to be sure of donations going to reliable situations. 

Helpers contribute as active or occasional donators

Ensemble promotes in-kind donations for all those people experimenting economic difficulties.Donations can be:
Virtual Cash
It is used to be redeemed for  food,  medicine or for paying  basic needs such as transportation.
Any kind of consumable food can be donate to people experimenting food shortage.

Real estate in the new 
digital era

AgenceMe® is an innovate ICT platform (web and app) offering a new way of managing real estate

AgenceMe®enables people to rent, sell and purchase properties just in few clicks, allowing them to increase the performance  of their operations (time and trustability) and reducing costs up to 30 %. 

AgenceMe® uses last generation technology such as Machine learning and Blockchain for avoiding unnecessary red tape procedures because of the current state of the real estate industry. 

Our financial operations rely on Paygo®

A initiative bringing an immersive and inclusive way of providing financial services in society
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Official AgenceMe project presentation (29-05-2019)
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